TPC Monthly Meeting. June Contest

Date(s) - 06/17/2020
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Teton Photography Club June Photo Contest


The theme for the contest is Nature

We will accept up to 100 images in total.  Up to three per TPC member.


 If we receive more than 100 images the contest committee may prejudge the photos to  get to a manageable number.

The contest committee is made up of Barney Koszalka, Beth Holmes and David Navratil

Judging will be a two-step process. 

The top 10 will be selected by popular vote of the members during the video meeting on June 17.  

A panel of 4 professional photographers will select the final 5

Judges and members will be able to view all submitted images prior to the June 17th meeting, a link to a web page with images will be distributed 4 days before the meeting.



Cash prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place. 

First Place $250 B & H gift card

Second Place $125 B & H gift card 

Third Place $75 B & H gift card

Honorable Mention $25 B & H gift card

Honorable Mention $25 B & H gift card



Entry Submission Opens June 1 

Entry Submission Closes midnight Sunday, June 7th.

Contest via Video Conference June 17th 6pm. (Zoom or WebEx)

Guidelines and Restrictions

Number of Submissions:  Each TPC member in good standing may submit up three images

Copyright Ownership:

  • Images must be the original work of the member submitting them.

As a condition of entering the contest, the member grants to TPC a nonexclusive license for the purposes of this contest to reproduce and publish the image(s) in printed and/or electronic form for promotional purposes only.

Human Element must be Minor and have No Impact

  • Human elements (including structures and other man-made objects, humans and other signs of humans) are allowed in the image, so long as the nature subject is

the main element and the human element is incidental to the main element.

  • Bird bands, ear tags and radio collars on wildlife are permitted.

Such things as posts, wire, small boats on lakes and buildings in the “background” as well as people are allowed. If the human element is a significant element of the image, the image will be rejected. (Self-test: if the human element were removed, would the image have the same impact?)

In disqualifying images with unacceptable human elements, the decision of the contest committee will be final.


Enhancement is permitted. Enhancement includes post-processing techniques to improve color, brightness, dynamic range (HDR), focus stacking, etc.

Manipulation is not permitted. Manipulation means adding anything not in the original

image, removing anything from the original image (except as allowed below) or moving anything within an image.


  • Post-processing correction to eliminate elements not part of the original scene such as sensor spots, dust, stray hairs, etc.
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) images.
  • Focus Stacking of multiple images of the same subject to increase depth of field.
  • Panoramic images composed of multiple exposures stitched together. However, bear in mind that some panoramas may not display well on screens
  • Black and White images, whether captured in camera or converted in post processing.
  • Time Lapse images, where many images of the same scene (typically star trails) taken over a period of time and combined into a single image.
  • Multiple Images of the same subject taken with slight movement of camera between frames and combined into a single image.
  • Infrared images.
  • Selective or global lightening or darkening, color correction, sharpening, noise reduction and the use of creative processing tools and techniques such as Nik Filters, On1, Luminar4, and other artistic filters are permitted. However, an image that has been creatively processed to the extent that the emphasis is no longer on the original nature subject may be disqualified.  As stated above, the addition or removal of objects including the use of things such as sky or cloud replacement is not permitted.

Not Permitted:

  • Man-made objects and structures in the original image may not be deleted.
  • Elements that were part of the original scene may not be moved, cloned (that is, taken from one image and inserted into another), or rearranged. With the exception of panorama stitching, HDR processing, time lapse, multiple image with camera movement and focus stacking, elements from multiple exposures may not be combined (composited) into a single image. Where any doubt exists, the member will be given the opportunity to submit the original camera RAW image for scrutiny. If the image was not captured in RAW, then at the discretion of the contest committee, a series of similar images from the same shoot may be substituted.
  • Images taken in a studio environment (such as high-speed capture of water droplets, etc.) are specifically excluded.
  • Borders, visible watermarks, copyright notices and photographer’s names or any other added text is not permitted.
  • Living creatures in all categories must be photographed in their natural or adopted habitat and specifically may not be moved to another setting or background.
  • Images where any living creature appears to be stressed or harassed by humans in any way will be disqualified.
  • Pets are not allowed. Barnyard animals are permitted in the landscape category provided they are incidental to the main subject.

Provided that they conform to the above rules, images taken with smartphones, tablets etc. and images processed using Smartphone Applications are permitted.

Submission Guidelines

Please read the Submission Rules very carefully before you submit.
STEP 1: File Preparation
– Each image must be a jpg file format, 72ppi, 1800 pixels on long side
(If you don’t know how to size your file, please visit the TPC Facebook page at and make a post for assistance)
File name for each image must follow this format

For example: Jane_Doe_TetonSunrise
STEP 2: Upload files
 From a laptop or desktop computer (not mobile device) go 

        this is the page you will see.

If you are submitting an image for consideration in the TPC June Nature Contest . Click the Contestant button.  You will see the following page.
The next screen will look like this.

First, enter your email address where shown, then click Choose File to find the image you want to submit. Then click Upload Image. You will be taken to a screen that shows a preview of your image. IT MAY BE SLIGHTLY DISTORTED. That’s OK, your image is fine. You will be given an option to upload another image. If you have only one, you may Quit your browser and go to step 3.

STEP 3: Confirm your upload
From the email address you entered during the upload, send an email to with the subject line: X images Where X is the number of images you uploaded. So if you uploaded 2 images, your subject line would be: 2 images. Don’t write anything in the body of the email unless you have had trouble. If you have trouble you may use that email address to seek assistance.


That’s it you are done.   We look forward to seeing your images during the contest.


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