Peer Mentor Program

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The Peer Mentor Program (PMP) was started in 2016 to offer a comfortable learning environment where photographers at every level work together.  Novice photographers are often hesitant to ask questions, but our PMP environment is designed to be secure for everyone, answer all types of questions, and offer suggestions for photography challenges.  We Advance Together !

The program has continued to grow with a sense of community where every photographer has advanced their knowledge and improved their photographic skills.  The Peer Mentor Program would like to invite amateur photographers of all levels to join our program.  If you are interested in joining our program, please contact Randy Isaacson ( or 208-270-4298).  We will be offering each new member a “personal peer mentor” to answer questions and become a participant in the first few meetings.

Peer Mentor Program Vision

We envision a community that creates  learning environments that motivate committed photographers of all levels to improve their technical and artistic photographic skills.

Peer Mentor Program Mission

The Peer Mentor Program provides a comfortable learning environment that challenges committed photographers at all levels of skill to improve and expand their photography through encouragement, respect, support, and challenges with their peers.

Why Should I Join the Peer Mentor Program ?

If you had the money and time to improve your photography, you might consider hiring a professional photographer to regularly be your mentor.  But most of us cannot follow that path.  The Teton Photography Club created a program that meets those needs in a different way.

The Peer Mentor Program (PMP) started in 2016 with the goal of being a comfortable learning environment for amateur photographers at all levels of skills.  Our theme of “We Advance Together!” was built on a respectful, supportive, encouraging environment.  So, what are you looking for if you are considering joining the Peer Mentor Program of the Teton Photography Club?  Here are some of the comments from members of the PMP:

  • The PMP is a place where I feel comfortable.
  • The PMP is a diverse group of photographers who respect my questions.
  • The PMP is a place where I get answers to my questions, or support to find answers.
  • The PMP helps me build my photography skills with their assistance.
  • The PMP is a community of committed photographers who give me support.
  • The PMP Monthly Themes challenge me to expand my creative expression.
  • When I can’t find an answer on-line, there is always a mentor to help me.

What does the Peer Mentor Program do ?

The Peer Mentor Program (PMP) is an active group within the Teton Photography Club. The PMP has a meeting each month where members have an opportunity to receive answers to questions and give and receive critiques for a variety of  monthly topics.

Every monthly meeting has a Photo Theme Challenge where members are encourage to submit one photo that is an example of the theme.   Each theme has a number of articles in the PMP-Monthly Theme Articles to help the members learn about the theme  The photo that the peer mentors submit are given a blind-critique at the meeting where the members discuss each submitted photo, particularly in relation to the monthly theme.  

For example, Macro Photography is one of the monthly themes.  The peer mentors are encouraged to view the articles to help them learn about Macro Photography.  They are also encouraged to use the information they have learned about Macro Photography when they critique each of the submitted photographs.

Each of the Photo Theme Challenge submissions are given feedback and are included in a voting for the best examples of the theme.  The 3-5 photos that receive the most votes are posted in the PMP-Monthly Theme Gallery.  If you would like to view the photos of the peer mentors, the galleries from each monthly theme from 2019 to the present are posted for your view. 

We hope to hear from you and see you at our critique. We meet for our critique on a Wednesday of every month with a photo shoot on the first Saturday of the month (the COVID has changed the arrangement but we hope to return to more than one meeting per month). If you have questions or wish to join contact:
Randy Isaacson