Peer Mentor Program

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Peer Mentor Program Vision

We envision a community that creates  learning environments that motivate committed photographers of all levels to improve their technical and artistic photographic skills.

Peer Mentor Program Mission

The Peer Mentor Program provides a comfortable learning environment that challenges committed photographers at all levels of skill to improve and expand their photography through encouragement, respect, support, and challenges with their peers.

Peer Mentor Program History

The Peer Mentor Program (PMP) of the Teton Photography Club (TPC) started in March 2016 with 8 amateur photographers of varied photography skills and experience.  These “founders” created a comfortable learning environment where everyone’s questions were respected, where every photograph presented for a critique was reviewed and also encouraged – and by the end of the year the photography of every member significantly improved.  Support, encouragement, and honest feedback helped everyone become more involved and committed to photography: We Advanced Together!

The peer mentors have a photo shoot and critique every month.  The group has grown in size, the sense of community has joined us together, and shooting and processing skills of regular members have improved their images.  The PMP has grown from about 6 regular members to more than 40 committed amateur photographers who attend almost every month.   To continue the sense of community that the program is built upon we have  expand the program from one very large group to two smaller groups.

Peer Mentor Program Advancing Forward

In 2019 the Teton Photography Club encouraged the Peer Mentor Program to expand to accept more committed photographers to join the program while maintaining our mission of encouragement, respect, support and challenge.  In October 2019 the TPC has expanded the Peer Mentor Program two smaller groups: a 2nd Wednesday Group and a 4th Wednesday Group.  Each group is continuing to have encouraging, respectful, supportive critiques each month and with a smaller group we are expanding the “curriculum” for each group to help answer everyone’s questions and explore new advances in photography.

Joining the Peer Mentor Program

We are committed to developing a comfortable learning environment in which every question is respected, where everyone is at ease sharing their photographs for our critiques, and where our goal is to help everyone improve their photography.  We encourage interested photographers to contact the Director of the Mentor Program with questions (Randy Isaacson, or 208-270-4298).

Resources and Motivation

If you are interested and need a few more reasons for why you should get involved with others to improve your photography, you might want to read these article in Light Stalking –

“Photographers! Why you should Buddy Up” ( or

“Photographers stick together – 3 reasons collaborating is definitely a great idea”

We hope to hear from you and see you at our critique. We meet for our critique on the 2nd Wednesday and 4th Wednesday of every month with a photo shoot on the first  Saturday of the month. Take a few minutes to read the Light Stalking articles and/or send Randy an e-mail or give him a call (208-270-4298 and . We’d love to have you join us.

There are a number of TPC web pages that focus on the Peer Mentor Program.  This graph will help you learn about the Peer Mentor Groups and navigate to find the information about the program.  The Testimonial page are a number of quotes from amateur photographers that are involved in the program.  The Theme Topics page list the themes that the peer mentor groups use for the monthly homework; each monthly meeting begins with a critique of images of the monthly theme.  Most peer mentors submit one image of the theme and the group has a blind vote for the best image of the theme.  The Theme Articles posts a variety of on-line articles that help the peer mentors learn about a variety of ways to create images for the monthly theme (e.g., articles about how to create great B&W photos).  The PM Gallery page presents the top 3 images from each peer mentor group for each monthly theme.    The Become a Monthly Peer Mentor (i.e., Peer Mentor Groups) page will give you some information about how to join a Peer Mentor Group and how to contact Randy Isaacson for more information about the program ( or 208-270-4298).

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