Membership Value

Your membership makes us who we are!   We are photographers of all levels who are bound by our love for photography and the greater Teton region to share, network, and educate one another. Some of us shoot with our camera phones and others make our living as professionals.  But each of us adds to the Club in unique ways.

Beginner / Novice

We love newer photographers!  You bring fresh challenges to the TPC. Did you know that we all start with the same questions?   As we grow to understand terminology, complex electronic gear, techniques, and tools that allow us to express ourselves through the art of photography, we do so together.  Many of our emerging photographers become Peer Mentors.  Find out more here!


Intermediate level photographers are the core of the TPC. When one grows, we all grow and become better with our technique, gear, artistic, and processing skills. In many ways we are all intermediates capable of learning from all and helping others advance.  You would love our critique session where we offer each other kind and respectful commentary on our images.  Check the Calendar for the next Critique Session!


Advanced photographers and pros bring knowledge and experience to the TPC. Many inspire us by showcasing their images at monthly meeting and other display opportunities throughout the year.   They are the foundation of our group of educators at TPCed bringing their understanding and success to others. 

Your Community

The town of Jackson and the entire greater Teton region benefits from contributions from active members of the TPC.  We create art and share it with others, we learn from one another, we challenge each other to grow, and we become friends with common interests.  Be sure to stay up to date with all the happening of the TPC on our Calendar!

Join us today!