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March Journal for JH and GTNP

Best of the Tetons

Howdy from Loveland, CO!

Over the past few months, I have been adding pages and galleries to my streamlined version of Best of the Tetons.

Note: You can always find the page by simply typing in in your browser. The link will redirect you to the new pages.

Recent Additions at (the new) Best of the Tetons

March Overview:

There can be a “hint” of a change in March. Winter keeps a stronger grip on the landscape in the northern parts of the park and along the base of the mountains. It can start looking like early Spring in some areas and look like December in others.

Winter Roads:

  • The Inner Park Loop Road from the Taggart Lake trailhead to Signal Mountain Lodge is closed to vehicle traffic until May 1st.
  • South end of the Moose-Wilson Road is closed for construction.
  • Antelope Flats Road is closed. You can hike, shoeshow, or cross country ski in.
  • The Park Road past Flagg Ranch is closed to vehicles.
  • Almost all secondary roads are closed. Only the largest pullouts are plowed.Closures:
  • Actually there area a lot of closure areas in GTNP, but the main one is the river bottom along the Snake River between the Moose Visitor’s Center and the Pacific Creek boat launch. It is illegal to hike into areas like Schwabacher Landing and Blacktail Ponds during the winter months (Reopens April 1st)Wildlife Options
  • Moose, most common along the Gros River bottom, but most bulls will have lost their antlers.
  • Bison, a few bulls linger around Cunningham Cabin, but most are on the National Elk Refuge
  • Foxes, seen randomly around the valley in January and February.
  • Eagles, seen feeding on winter kills, mostly around the Elk Refuge.
  • Swans, Ducks & Otters, seen most often when there is open water in Flat Creek north of town.
  • Elk, easily seen on the National Elk Refuge.
  • Bighorns, seen on most days along Miller Butte on the National Elk Refuge


GTNP Winter Information

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Bald Eagles on the Front Range and More

I’ve been busy! Here’s what’s happening…

This page will link you two TWO new Featured Subjects pages at The two pages are quite different, illustrating the eclectic diversity I have available to me here in Loveland. And, if you are not checking my site regularly, I will include the link for my monthly journal. February has been good one so far!

Bald Eagles

Check out: Bald Eagles on the Front Range

This page features a generously filled gallery of photos of Bald Eagles fighting over a fresh kill. Yes, it can be a little gory, but that’s nature! Wildlife photography is all about “action, interaction, and behavior”. At some times of the year, you might find similar activity at Oxbow Bend in Grand Teton National Park.

For what it’s worth, all of the photos on the Eagles page above were taken with a brand new Sigma 60-600mm lens. It arrived yesterday. I had a Nikon version of the lens while using my Nikon D6. I liked it then. When I switched to a Sony A1 in May of 2021, I wanted the same lens, but Sigma didn’t make one with a Sony E-mount. I bought a Canon mount version and an adapter so it could be used on the Sony. Sigma just released the dedicated Sony E-mount version, which is the new one I bought. I plan on selling the Canon version after it gets serviced and cleaned at Sigma Service. On it’s “maiden voyage” the Sigma lens did great. Bald Eagles on the Front Range


NEW: Roadside Treasures in Snow

This new Featured Subjects Page contains photos of a couple of old trucks following an overnight snowfall. The gallery contains photos with a lot of texture and character, made even better with the layer of  “white gold”.

Call of the Wild

February Journal

This photo, I labeled “Call of the Wild”, was recently added to the February Journal,. It’s a photo I have been trying to get for a long time. The little Prairie Dog was sounding the “all clear” call. It’s a difficult photo to capture since you never know when one of them will rear up and reach into the sky, and it happens FAST! I also revisited the Butterfly House and added a few photos to the Journal. There’s a lot of “good stuff” on the February Journal, so please check it out.

Golden Studios Card

Over on the Golden Studios site, I continue to add pages and links!

Besides the Best of the Tetons and Best of the Rockies sections, I recently added a new Eye Candy section.

The new Eye Candy page currently has galleries in two of the four sections.

Most of the pages on Golden Studios have links to easily navigate my sites and sections. Check them out when you can!

Thanks for signing up to follow my site! Please let others know if you think they might be interested!

If you haven’t seen them already, check out some of the recent posts from the new site

The post Bald Eagles on the Front Range and More first appeared on Best of the Tetons, Area Info & Photography.