Grand Teton Foliage Reports

GTNP Foliage Reports

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GTNP Foliage Reports

Each year, the foliage can vary by a few days in either direction of what I might call “average”. For example, Oxbow Bend often goes “peak” on October 1st and can be good for several days. Many out of state “photo tours” schedule around that date, but a few years ago, it happened in the third week of September. The tour companies were looking at Oxbow with bare leaves. But, there’s really never a guarantee…only averages. I created the page linked above using mostly information from my 2021 Foliage Report. It should give you a good idea of what to expect. As I write this post from Loveland, CO on September 19, 2023, I hear the trees have shifted considerably in the past couple of days. I don’t have a report for Oxbow, but trees around Lost Creek Ranch and along the Gros Ventre are changing.   This photo was taken in Colorado yesterday around the edges of RMNP. You can see that trees are just beginning to change here, too.

GTNP Foliage Reports

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Elk and Lots of Them

It has been a while since my last post on my original Best of the Tetons site. After moving to Loveland, CO, I have been busy adding new posts and pages on my new site at MikeJacksonPhotography. It has been over a year since we moved to Colorado. I’ve mentioned numerous times that I was about ready to shut Best of the Tetons down. That’s getting closer now.
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It’s ELK time here in Colorado, but here’s some Teton elk info:

If you are in the Tetons in September and October, look for elk at Windy Point, around Jenny Lake and String Lake. A big bull commonly referred to as “Fabio” can historically be seen near Signal Mountain Lodge. Other elk are seen fairly often around Willow Flats. In the Tetons, you better be out EARLY! They move back into the safety of the shadows and trees at first light.

Numerous NEW Colorado Elk Posts at Mike Jackson Photography

Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park are not hunted. As a result, they are much easier to photograph. RMNP visitors are able to view and photograph elk while going about their fall rut. Elk are a big draw here. In fact, I bump into a lot of photographers here during the elk rut that I often used to see in the Tetons.
Over the past few weeks, I’ve been going to RMNP as often as I can. WOW! I’ve created numerous new elk related posts at Mike Jackson Photography If you like elk, you should love each of the new pages. Note: I’ve included links to the new elk pages below the new few teaser photos.
The photos above are being included as a “sampler” of what you might see if you view the pages linked below.

NEW: How About My New Toupée!

NEW: Rocky Mountain Elk 2023

NEW: RMNP Bull: G5 – Split 6 (Atlas?)

New: Early September in RMNP: 

Summer Captures

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