How to Mask Objects From Background Adobe Photoshop CC


In this video, Aaron shows you how to mask objects out of Backgrounds using Adobe Photoshop CC. Cutting objects out of backgrounds using Photoshop CC can be a real challenge sometimes. Aaron shares some of his techniques to do this fast and efficiently. Also, there are certain tricks that he shares about not having the perfect maks yet creating the perfect image.

His full-length Photoshop class on creating video thumbnails and quick Photoshop techniques is here:

How to Create MultiRow Night Panoramas Astrophotography

Learn from Matt Hill as he shows you how to create MultiRow Panorama images. This challenging technique of creating multi-frame night panoramas to create striking astrophotography images will make you highly competitive with other photographers. Astrophotography and night photography add extra challenges due to the dark, cold, and long exposures.

It’s difficult if not impossible to see what you will come up with until you return to the computer. Matt Hill makes it easy to understand how to create beautiful panoramic night images. Matt Hill did a presentation on how to take MultiRow Panoramas at night at the Teton Photography Club’s monthly meeting.

Quickly Clipping Yourself Out of Background Photoshop CC

Aaron shares with how to quickly clip yourself out of a background in Photoshop CC. The method is quick and dirty. If you need accurate, this is a good starting point. But for something that’s effective for video thumbnails, this method works perfectly.

His full-length Photoshop class on creating video thumbnails and quick Photoshop techniques is here:

Winter In Yellowstone National Park

I remember that morning. I came out of the Super 8 in Gardiner, Montana at 5am to make sure the car would start. I was dressed in my Yellowstone gear; lots of layers and my heavy neoprene boots with the super thick soles that keep your feet off the ice. That’s what you need to stay warm when its 25° below zero. As I made my way in the dark my small flashlight caught the eyes of a dozen or so mule deer in the parking lot. I had left the car unlocked, a lesson I’d learned the hard way the year before, and I got in. The car didn’t want to start but after a kind word under my breath, the engine caught.

Welcome to Yellowstone in winter.

Yellowstone National Park was created by Congress in March of 1972, which means March of 2022 is the 150th anniversary of America’s first national park. Yellowstone is an expansive, ever-changing landscape of mountains, meadows, geysers, boiling mud, snow, ice and the most diverse collection of wildlife in one natural place in North America. The hand of man is very discreet and Yellowstone today looks much as it did when Congress named it.

Of course, I was there to make photographs and so getting an early start is important. The sun begins to bring light about 45 minutes before sunrise and sometimes that very early morning light can be the best. Moments can happen quickly so it is important to be on the lookout at all times. For that reason its good to have a couple of other photographers in the car.

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