Las Vegas Weekend

Fox PortraitBest of the Tetons is a site dedicated to photography and travel in Grand Teton National Park and the Jackson Hole area. The majestic Teton mountain range offer a unique backdrop to compliment a diverse variety of wildlife—all found within a relatively compact area. In short, it’s a photographers paradise! I acknowledge that I am fortunate to live here!With that said, readers here should already know my wife and I “get out of the valley” a couple of times a year. Last weekend, we made a long weekend trip to Las Vegas for Darla’s sister’s wedding. The ceremony was held Saturday night, which allowed me to spend time photographing some of the Vegas “landscape”. My wife left a generous area of the car for my photo equipment, but she was surprised to see I took only one camera body, one lens, and one tripod.

Las Vegas Night and Day Difference

Binions at NightThe Las Vegas strip has two distinctively different faces—night and day. Night time reveals the spectacular neon, LED displays and bulbs that are usually dormant during the daytime hours. Continue reading "Las Vegas Weekend"

Photography Gear Recommendations – moving up

Photography core gear and accessories are very personal decisions for each individual photographer. Selection of gear is dependent upon expertise, experience, type and frequency of shooting, specifications and features, brand loyalty, budget, and personal preferences. This page is intended to give those moving up the photography food chain a structure upon which to consider new gear purchases. I do not recommend specific brands or specific gear in this article.

CamerasA camera is usually the first choice facing a photographer. The age of high-quality digital cameras has created many choices for features and costs. Most people starting in photography for the first time will start with an entry level camera and work up to greater capabilities as their knowledge and experience increase. The "gold standard" for comparing modern cameras has been the digital single lens reflex camera (dSLR.) However, the world of high-quality cameras is rapidly changing and mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (MILC) are rapidly gaining in popularity, features, and quality. Continue reading "Photography Gear Recommendations – moving up"

December 2018 Daily Journal for GTNP & JH

A Winter Wonderland!


December 1st, 2018 – Saturday

Great Horned OwlPlease take a minute and register to sign up to follow this site. I’d love to have another couple hundred new subscribers from the group visiting the site in November! MJ

Town Square

Early December Notes

ErineWith few exceptions, December is a “white month” in Jackson Hole. Heavy snow covers the mountain ranges and begins to blanket much of the valley floor. Ski resorts open and tourists return to take advantage of the white, fluffy powder. Days are short and often cold, but the low sun and reflected light often allows for all day shooting for photographers.December is a great time for winter landscapes. Many of the roads are closed, but enough are open to make it worth a trip into the park and around the valley. Continue reading "December 2018 Daily Journal for GTNP & JH"