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The Teton Photography Club is proud to showcase the work of our Peer Mentors who have submitted theme images.  The images in the gallery below are the top 3 images that the peer mentors voted upon at their meeting based on the theme for the month,

February 2020

The Theme for the 2nd Wed PMG will be Black & White

The Theme for the 4th  Wed PMG will be Panoramas

January 2020

The Theme for the 4th Wed PMG was Fog, Smoke, Steam

We had a small attendance at the 4th Wed Peer Mentor Group due to health reasons for some members and other members were getting ready for the Annual TPC Trip to Yellowstone.  But we had an interesting discussion and photo critique.  We started the meeting with a discussion of what we learned from the Fog, Smoke, and Steam articles which helped us to vote for photos that met the “criteria” from the articles.  We agreed that good foggy/smokey/steamy photos are moody with a simple composition that  typically has a focused foreground with background less sharp.   With only 4 voting peer mentors there was a close vote.  Tim Cully and Terry Jensen tied for 2nd place.  Terry’s photo was a winter shot of a fence along a stream with lots of fog and the Big Hole Mountains in the background.  Tim’s photo was a very unique image of smoke setting-off light in the ceiling of a building – VERY unique.  And the winner was Chris Paige, who was not able to attend, with a photo of swans  in a very dense fog that created a very moody feeling.  Tim and Terry chose Panoramas as the Theme for February.

The Theme for the 2nd Wed PMG was be Food.  

We had a variety of Food images with 3 that really stood out.  We had an interesting discussion of what created a good image of food and it was clear that lighting, a clear identity and attention to the food, and avoidance of distractions; sounds consistent with other photo topics.  Third place was a photo by our friend Mike Jackson whose photo was of pizza ingredients with shadows and interesting background.  Second place was a photo of a cup of coffee and a donut; a simplistic image that gets your attention – time for breakfast.  And the winner is a well structured image by Barney Koszelka of some wine and cheese.  Barney’s photo was the clear-cut winner with balance, delicate lighting, and a beautiful reflection – ready for some wine and cheese?  

November 2019

The theme for for the new 2nd Wednesday Group was Panoramas.  We had a smaller group with only 7 entries since this was our first meeting after splitting up into two groups.  Most of the panos were landscape photo with one unique artistic exception – post office boxes.  Third place was Doug Ayers’ post office boxes, which led to some interesting discussion since he took the shot with his cell phone.  Second place was Tim Libassi’s sunrise photo of the moon over Jackson Lake.  And the winner was Beth Holmes’ sunset shot over Jackson Lake.

The theme for the new 4th Wed Group was Negative Space.  This topic was a great learning experience that showed that each of the peer mentors had a slightly different, or significantly different, “definition” for Negative Space.  Tim Cully’s photo of Jackson Lake from an airplane led to a very educational discussion.  Some of the peer mentors believed that  a true negative space image needed to have only one focal point and that the boat and reflection of the mountains were distracting.  Others thought that the boat added a leading line to the image and that the reflections were not distracting.  It was a thoughtful and educational discussion.  Pene Black’s cherries in snow and David Navratil’s elk and the sand dunes tied for 2nd place.

October 2019


The theme for the October 2nd Wednesday Peer Mentor Group was WEATHER.  We had a really diverse set of images for weather with  Nancy Peters with an image a not-yet-stormy shot of the mountains.  Second place was Beth Holmes image of elk in the middle of a snow storm.  And third place was earned by Rosalis Estes with a beautiful semi-macro image of a frozen leaf.


The theme for the October 4th Wednesday Peer Mentor Group was also WEATHER.  As is sometimes the case we has a close vote for the top three and as often the case the winner had a unique image.  The winner was Ericka Trembley who submitted an abstract photo of the WEATHER – a frozen window.   As is often the case, we had a tie for second place between Tim Cully and Becky Hawkins.  Tim’s photo is an image of the mountains as the storm begins with rain starting to fall.  Becky’s photo focuses on a beautiful orange/yellow sky above the mountains.

September 2019 – Our Last One Group Peer Mentor Meeting


The theme for September was Vehicles/Transportation.  September was our last Peer Mentor Program meeting with only one group; in October we moved to having a 2nd Wed Group and a 4th Wed Group.  The winner of the Vehicles/Transportation Theme was Ben Nardi with an amazing photo of a firefighter plane dropping orange fluid too help put out a fire near the Wildlife Museum.  Randy Isaacson’s B&W image of an old tractor was second place and Tim Cully’s airplane image was third place.


The Theme for August was Creative Blur

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