Texture – Pattern Theme Articles

Texture/Pattern Theme Articles

As the members of the Peer Mentor Program improve their photo-eye it can be educational to have some monthly peer mentor themes that specifically emphasize composition.  Taking these photos and “voting” on these compositional themes should begin with thoughtful consideration of the chosen theme.

Texture/Pattern photos are very different from landscape or wildlife photos.  In texture/pattern photography the patterns, colors, depth, and single detail of the texture are key.  Texture/Pattern photos do not need to be exactly like macro photography but in many ways there is a similarity; the “focus” for texture/pattern photos is narrow although the actual  “view” may be much wider. 

“How to Photograph Texture” by Nasim Mansurov in PhotographyLife.   This could be a good place to start in learning about texture/pattern photos.  The actual texture photos may not be as variable as some of the other articles but it has a number of important suggestions:  information about finding, creating, equipment, lighting, and angles & depth of field are helpful.

“7 Tips for Using Patterns in Your Photos” by Rob Dunsford in PhotographyPro.  This is another good article to begin your search for ideas and approaches.  It has 20 very different photos as examples for his 7 Tips.  It starts with Finding Patterns and suggests they are everywhere IF you are looking for them.  He follows us with approaches: Shoot from different perspectives; Fill the frame, Use patterns as a background, and Combine patterns.  

“Photographing Patterns, Form, and Texture” by Wayne Turner in PictureCorrect.com.   The author focus on both patterns and texture.  With patterns sometimes the focal point is interrupted by a break in the pattern, which grabs the viewer’s eye.  His focus on texture emphasizes how getting closer with side light can emphasize the texture.

“Texture in Photography” by Ron Bigelow in PictureCorrect.com.  A rather short article with only 3 photos raises some different approaches.  The author points out that color and tonal difference can set-up texture and so can curves.  He suggests that using 2 or more patterns can enhance the texture/pattern and the second approach is to include an object in the pattern that is in direct contrast to that pattern/texture.

“Shapes, Lines, Patterns, and Textures in Nature, Part 1” and “Shapes, Lines, Patterns, and Textures in Nature, Part 2” by Russ Burton in Outdoor Photography.   These two articles in Outdoor Photography have a lot of good ideas for how to identify Texture and Patterns outdoors.  There are not a lot of photos but the information is closely tied to landscape and wildlife photography.  

“How to Shoot Better Detail, Patterns, and Texture Photography” by Alan Stock in PhotoBlog.  This is an article that is quite long with a wide variety of photos well beyond what we might typically think about “our” photography.  But Alan includes markets, food & drinks, cultural details, art and language, scenery, sand & snow, urban settings, roof tops and more. You might want to take a quick trip thru this article to catch some unique topics.

“10 Tips for Photographing Patterns and Textures in Nature” by Ross Hoddinott in NatureTTL.  I’m a little bias for this article since Ross Hoddinott has written some of my favorite photo books.  His suggestions are not for the typical texture/pattern photos but rather for the up-close photos of nature that can create very unusual photos that are tied to macro.  This is worth reading/viewing and may grab your attention.  And the photos are absolutely amazing with many of them being macro.  A article that will challenge you and your photography.