How to Photograph Comet Neowise – Where to Photograph Over Grand Teton National Park

Aaron will show you how and where to photograph Comet Neowise Over Grand Teton National Park on this video. He will share specific camera settings, how to focus, and what works best. He will show you how to make the shot with your DSLR, Point & Shoot, Mirrorless camera, or even Smart Phone. At the end of the video, he will show you the best places to go on the map to put the comet over the cathedral group, that is, Grand, Middle Teton, Teewinot, etc.

Aaron is the author of the 2024 total eclipse guides:

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How to Set up the Function Menu on the Sony RX100 IV V VI VII and Sony Alpha A6400 / A6600

Aaron shows you how to set up the function menu on your Sony RX100 IV, RX100 V, RX100 VA, RX100 VI,  and RX100 VII. This also applies to the Sony Alpha A6400 and Sony Alpha A6600.
The function menu allows you to quickly change camera settings without having to dig into the camera’s complex menu system.

The Function Menu is a powerful function for videographers. However, it isn’t explained well in the manual and can be confusing. Aaron explains it completely for you, including the option to leave blank spaces.

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How to Make FCPX Rolling Credits with Indesign

Aaron shows you how to make rolling credits in FCPX by harnessing the power of Indesign. Indesign is a powerful text layout tool. Every publisher, magazine company, and book layout artist uses it. You can import Excel files of your credits and get your credit roll done quickly You don’t have to fool around with tabs and spacing in the tool in FCPX or After Effects, Motion, or anything else.

Adobe Indesign:

Final Cut Pro: