TPC Education Programs

The TPC Educational Programs campaign was started in 2018 with the goal of bringing affordable, high-quality classes, workshops, and educational symposia to the greater Teton region. Photographers love to learn about gear, techniques, composition and the artful side of photography, and image processing. The TPCed program provides  two-hour evening programs, half-day workshops, and full-day symposia for all levels of photographic skill and experience from novice to professional.

“This was a complete program. Very well done!”

“This was terrific I always learned something new.”

What makes TPCed different from other programs? The programs were developed by educators for adult learners and each is complete with sound educational objectives, interactive learning, quality instructors, and full feedback assessment of each event. The programs are targeted for specific ranges of photographic experience and are offered with significant price discounts to registered TPC members.  All events require pre-registration and enrollment is strictly limited to optimize each learning opportunity.

In person TPCed programs are on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope to have some virtual Zoom classes / workshops in 2021.

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