Reflection Theme

Reflection Theme

As we move into the spring there will be a lot of places to go to view still and moving water.  The snow is melting, the temperature is warmer, and there are plenty of places to take photos of reflections.  The reflections can be in large lakes or tiny puddles, so think about unique ways to build on reflections.

“How to Take Better Reflection Photos” This is a typical PhotographyLife article that covers a lot a basic suggestions on their topic.  This is a fairly old article (2019) but it does a great job of identifying the steps and advantages of creating clear reflection photos.

“Tips for Capturing Great Photos of Reflections”  This is an article by Ian Plant in Outdoor Photography Guide.  This articles introduces a variety of ways to use reflections other than a simple mirror image of a mountains.  It includes how to use reflective surfaces, how to take advantage of blurs, how to accent a photo without a clear-cut image, and even how to actually use a polarizing filter to “reflect” with color.

“9 Tips for Photographing Mountain Lake Reflections” by Gavin Hardcastle in Digital Photography School.  This DPS article shares some interesting suggestions specifically for getting Reflection Theme shots in the mountains.  It has some good ideas to blend into your great photos of the Tetons.

“9 Ways to use Reflection more Creatively for Stunning Photography” by Ana Mireles in Digital Photography School.  This is a very different type of article that suggests a number of very different ways to build off of a reflection.  The photos aren’t “beautiful” but they raise a unique way of using reflections.  If you can built off of a unique approach, this is an article for you.

“How to Capture Wonderful Reflections in Photography”  by Allessondro Torri in Expert Photography.  This article explains 5 Steps to consider when taking reflective photography, including what not to do and what to use in setting up your camera for reflections.

“Reflection photography is a challenging, special type of photography that requires a decent comprehension of the perspective, angles and of course an artistic eye and flair.”  This is an unusual article in iPhotography that has a lot of photo examples that show places and ways to take reflections other than the usual reflections-in-a-lake.