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“Macro photography refers to photographing at high magnifications. This may involve the use of a specialized macro lens, which is designed to capture detailed, close-up photos.  Technically speaking, a true macro photo creates an image on the camera sensor that’s the same size as the scene in real life, also known as 1:1 magnification.”  This is a quote from the Barrie Smith article in DPS but you don’t need a macro lens.  But you do need to create an image that resembles the same size as a scene in real life. 

This article “Macro Photography: The Complete Guide to Breathtaking Macro Images” by Berrie Smith  in Digital Photography School is a really good basic introduction to Macro Photography.  This has valuable information even if you have a solid background in Macro Photography.  Start here !

This article “Nature Macro Photography Tips”  by William Sawalich in Digital Photo has 5 tips for taking macro photos outdoors, some of which may be surprising.  Ideas for keeping your camera and subject steady to checking out the background, this article can be quite helpful.

If you are interested in trying to create some unique macro photos t this article by Dora Jokkel in Expert Photographer will open your eyes to all kinds of macro photo – “21 Cool Macro Photography Ideas to Try Today”   Taking images of flowers is nice but this article will open you photo-eye to about 20 others ideas.

And if you need some unique ideas these “38 Macro Photography Ideas to Shoot at Home” from Format will get you started.

“A Beginner’s Guide to Composition in Macro Photography” in “The Luminous Landscape.”  This article focuses on composition with primarily photos of flowers and other landscape.  The emphasis is on a supportive background and compositional arrangement.

And if you would like to add a video for shooting and editing macros, checkout this YouTube video “Mastering macro Photography: The Complete Shooting and Editing Tutorial”.  In a sense, this is an add but it has many many amazing macro photos that can get you motivated to get out there for some close-up beauties.

Focus Stacking Articles

And since your up-close photos may need a little more depth of field, Barney thinks you may want to read/view some piece about Focus Stacking:

“Beginner’s Guide to Focus Stacking” in Digital Photography School

A YouTube video about Focus Stacking by Thomas Heaton “How I Focus Stack”

And another YouTube video about Focus Stacking by Nigel Danson “How to Focus Stack you Photos in Photoshop the Simple Way.”