Architectural Photography Articles

Architectural Photography Articles

Architectural Photography is a very wide-open topic from a city shoot from the top of a skyscraper at night, to an up-close photo of a statue on an ancient castle, to the interior of a home.  Great architectural photos can be B&W or color, shot at night or on a sunny day, could be taken to sell a home or be abstract fine art.   There are very few “rules” about Architectural Photography

“How to Photograph Architecture: The Complete Guide” in Format (  This is a very good article to begin with due to its broad range of ideas, answers, and examples.  It begins with definitions and photo gear but quickly moves to potential locations (including the article “How 8 Artists See the City”  It suggests that you get to know your subject, shoot at various times in various weather, and look for a unique partial shot looking for arches to frame, leading lines, symmetry, and repetition of shapes.  Good examples and ideas.

“ 8 Tips to Master The Art of Architecture Photography” by Hillary Grigonis in CreativeLive (  This is another solid article that covers a wide ranging list of suggestions including: pre-planning for good natural light; look for a variety of different angles and partial shots; look for lines and shapes especially when you go up-close; use a tripod and polarizing filter; go indoors; and prevent converging lines.

“The Ultimate Guide to Architecture Photography (98 Best Tips!) by Dora Jokkel I Expert Photography (  This article doesn’t have 98 sections that are all unique but it does have a wide variety of approaches to taking photos of architecture with some very different photo examples.  It begins with cameras, lenses, tripods, and other accessories and then shares a variety of ways to capture great photos: long exposure; adding humans to your image; taking images in cityscapes; tall buildings in the day or night; skyscrapers; real estate; fine art; and a variety of suggestions on composition.  This is a long article and it is also “connected” to quite a number of other Expert Photography articles.  If you are willing to spend some time and journey around the web for a variety of good Expert Photography articles, this is the place to start.  Here is another EP article …

“10 Tips for Fine Art Architecture Photography” by Darla Huxley in Expert Photography.  (  This is another Expert Photography article but this one is only on Fine Art in Architecture with a focus on facades, windows, columns, staircases, and other details of the architecture.  It has only 7 photos but I find their composition to be motivating and challenging.  Take a look, this article may get you thinking about how to shoot “buildings” a wee-bit different.  It is very differently which may lead you to think uniquely as you go out for a shoot.  I find this article motivating since it is suggesting a very different approach to a monthly theme that is very new … and challenging.  You don’t have to go to Athens Greece or New York New York to find architecture worth photography … after you read this article.

“Architectural Detail Photography Tips” in Discover Digital Photography  (  This is a short article with 8 photos of a variety of architectural photos.

“Here’s How to Photograph Architecture: 5 Tips for Shooting” in Skill Share (

“10 Tips To Perfect Your Architectural Photography” by Ariana Zilliacus in ArchDaily (

“Architecture Photography Tips with Emma Desira” in Canon (

“Tips for Shooting Stunning Architectural Photography” by Melanie Khareghat in Affinity SpotLight (

“10 Architectural Photography Tips to Get the Ultimate Shot” by Shelley Little in MyMove (

“Richer Images” in (  Just a set of a couple dozen architectural photos.

“Architectural Photography 101: How to Take Amazing Images of Human-Made “Structures” by Michael Gabriel in Contrastly (