PMP Testimonials

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The Peer Mentor Program impacts different amateur photographers in different ways but the vast majority of the committed members (i.e., those who continue to participate for more than 2 or 3 months) believe the program has had a very positive impact on the photography.  And if you were to compare their photographs from when they entered the program to their photographs 6 months later you could see the changes – We Advance together.

Not only do the photography of these amateur photographer improve, their connections with other committed peer mentors invites them to participate in photo shoots and classes together as well as other social events.  Here are some of the comments that some of the peer mentors would like to share with amateur photographers who are considering joining the Peer Mentor Program.  Let’s start with a comment from the man who started the Teton Photography Club and is a regular attendee at the peer mentor meetings.  He teaches many of the TPCed classes and is an incredible “amateur” photographer:

“I have been teaching photography classes and workshops for about 7 years and I have NEVER seen a group of photographers progress as much or as quickly as the Peer Mentors. Their success is evident, and they are having fun learning and teaching together.”

When Loren Nelson is not on the road taking photographs around the world, he typically comes to the peer mentor meetings.  We enjoy having Loren attend as well as other well-known photographers in Jackson WY stop by and share answers to our questions as well as comments on our photos.  Let’s take a look at the comments of amateur photographers that have been part of the program for a year or more.

Comments from the Peer Mentors

“The peer mentor group has given me the opportunity to expand my photography in a non-classroom environment.  Spending time with a group of like-minded people has not only gotten me to places I might not have explored, but through challenges and critiques has forced me out of my comfort zone to try new techniques and to look at my photography and the world in general with a new perspective.”

“The Peer Mentor Program helps gets me to places I might not otherwise go and it puts me in the company of others who understand the joy of pointing a camera at landscapes or wildlife or both.  The folks in the peer mentor program are just fun!  We have multiple opportunities to learn during our shoots and our meetings.  No one’s judging except in a useful and gentle way.  Happily, the Peer Mentors get me out into the wild and I very much enjoy sharing the experience.”

“The Peer Mentor Program of the TPC has been a great venue for learning and socializing with other photographers.”

“I have become more focused and skilled at capturing subjects that I love. Along the way I’ve discovered other aspects of photography I never would have explored without being part of this group. It’s a wonderful journey to be on.”

“The PMP has pushed me in a positive way to think and shoot ‘outside of the box’, challenging and encouraging me to photograph different content and subjects, often in different conditions than I normally would. I have learned a lot in a very supportive, fun environment!”

“I’ve enjoyed meeting new people with common interests and have been impressed with the level of excellence that I’ve witnessed.  Always inspiring.”

“The mentors have offered the ability to have a learning discussion with a focus towards a specific topic.  I have found this to be of more value to me than more generalized presentations.  I see the mentors as being an educational experience.  As well as getting to know the participants that a big group makes more difficult.”

“I needed a way to step up my photography game.  I am delighted to belong to this group of talented folks and enjoy the competitions on subjects.  Getting to know Louis, Candy, Justin and Randy (just some of the very interesting artists) has redoubled my efforts to use tools such as Adobe Lightroom and work on expanding my skills. “

“I still struggle with settings, getting the shot, and thinking creatively about subjects. I would love more technical discussions in the field — what to try and why. That said, it seems there are those who are comfortable with their knowledge and sharing suggestions, and those who are not (but I suspect the latter know more than they think.)”

“I firmly believe this group has helped me strengthen my photography.”

“I have benefited from having the opportunity to go out shooting with other photographers in our group. And definitely getting to know everyone has been a plus!”

“Nothing moves you forward like being involved with others who share a similar passion. Before the Peer Mentor Group, I couldn’t spell fotografer now I are one. 🙂 “

“I feel much more comfortable with my camera in terms of its versatility and function and mechanics. The Peer Mentor Program has gotten me out to places I wouldn’t have known myself or would not have explored.  And most of all the groups has widened my visual horizons as to what is a beautiful image and how to try to achieve it.”