PMP – 2023 Monthly Theme Gallery

2023 Peer Mentor Monthly Theme Gallery

In 2023 the Peer Mentor Program will return to monthly Face-to-Face meetings in Jackson this year on the 4th Tuesday of the month, while also adding a monthly Zoom meeting.  All members of the Teton Photography Club are welcome to attend the meetings, and we hope many of you will decide to join the program.  If you are interested in more information, please contact Randy Isaacson (

Some of the monthly meetings of the Peer Mentor Program in 2023 will be identical to the Theme Challenge used in 2019-2022, other meetings will be similar to the Compare-a-Pair meetings (which were included in the 2018 PMP meetings), and in 2023 we will include meetings that address how to improve your photography using Light/Room.  The 2023 Peer Mentor Program will be making changes that have been suggested by the peer mentors.

This 2023 Gallery will display the photos that are included from each of the monthly meetings.  For some months the photos will have been voted on from the peer mentors.  For other months the photos will be from the our Compare-a-Pair or our educational presentations.  To view a large version of each photo, simply click on the photo and it will immediately enlarge.