Weather Theme

Weather is an interesting Peer Mentor Theme at just about any time of the year.  Living in the mountains allows photographers to get moody shots as we wait for rain or snowy storms to arrive or leave, at sunrise or sunset.    In the Quick Tips article below, Nick Rains says “Bad weather = Good images” so we have to remember to wake-up and use bad weather to get  off the couch and take our camera out for some interesting potential.  Here are some articles that can really help you make good choices.  

” Some Quick Tips for Weather Photography” by Nick Rains is one of my favorites.  The article starts out with “Any camera is better than no camera” so use your cell phone if you have to … and that makes sense.  You may be disappointed with the evening weather report but Nick has some ideas that will help you get ready for the sunrise or sunset or lightning storm.  He also shares some very good images of different weather patterns.  This is a good article for extreme weather storms.

“How to take Great Photos when the Weather is Bad” by Mark Hablin takes a very different approach.  Mark’s article is a very good approach to taking photos for bad weather but NOT super-storm weather.  He begins with “Dull weather doesn’t mean dull images” which can lift your spirit on those overcast days when there isn’t any scary storm arising.  His article finishes with a quote that can lift your spirit on one of those September days, “The bottom line is that however dull or ‘bad’ the weather appears to be there are great pictures to be taken.”

The article “Brighten up with our 8 Tips for Mastering Cloudy Day Photography” by Kelly Acs is focused on portrait photography but has some good ideas for any photos.

Improve Photography – “13 Tips for Weather Photography” – If you are interested in thinking about storm-chasing this is a good article to get you ready.  It has some good advice for weather photography of any kind with a clear focus on how to locate storms and follow them.

And here is an article from Outdoor Photography (“Shooting in Tempestuous Weather“) that makes some good simple suggestions for a variety of different weather situations.  You don’t have to take photos of intimidating clouds 🙂