Telephoto Landscape Theme

Telephoto Landscape Photography is an interesting theme for the Tetons in any season.  A photographer can get up-closer-and-personal with the mountains, create a pano, take fall colors or winter snow.  We will leave that up to you, but take advantage of these article.

“Using Telephoto Lenses for Landscape Photography”  is an an article from Photography Life by Alex Mody.  Landscape photography often starts with wide angle lenses or super wide angle lenses but the article by Alex shines a new light on how to setup for great landscape photos.  And with the changing color in our landscape, some photos with telephoto lenses will be interesting.  This article offers a real diversity of ways to use a telephoto lens to take very different and unique views of the world.

“Try a Telephoto Lens for Landscapes” is a Outdoor Photographer article by Brian Matiash.  Brian shows how a telephoto lens can be used to take great shots of the mountains, especially when the snow hits. 

“6 Tips for Landscape Photography with a Telephoto Lens”  is in Photography Talk.  This article talks not only about the type of landscapes to shoot but also a few challenges like using a tripod and the right kind of aperture and well as interesting features and weather.

“What can a Telephoto Lens do for Landscape Photographer” is an interesting admission of a photographer going from a wide angle to a telephoto for his landscape photos.  Josh Cripps explains how using a telephoto lens can help you to see the landscape differently and get some great shots of beautiful landscapes … like Grand Teton NP.  Good article to get you thinking about options.

And here are some things to be aware of when taking telephoto landscape shots, especially when it is windy: “7 Essential Telephoto Lens Tips for Landscape Photography.”