Shadows Theme

Shadow Theme Articles

There are many photos in which photographers include shadows.  In a PMP Shadow Theme Challenge the major focus should be some type of shadow.  Here are a  number of on-line articles to help every peer mentor explore some ideas and key approaches to creating great photographs with a Shadow Theme.

“Five Tips for Using Shadows to Create Dramatic Images” in Digital Photo Mentor.

Some Examples of Photos emphasizing Shadows

Digital Photography School has really good short articles on all kinds of photo topics.  Here are two  articles on shadows that might help you get started:

“Shadows in Photography – How Seeing the Shadows Help you Understand the Light”

“Five Tips for Mastering Shadows in Photography”

And if you would like to just look at dozens (it seems like hundreds) of very creative examples of Shadow Photography on PInterest (Yes, Pinterest !) check this out; it will give you some great ideas of where to start.

“Shadow Photography Project Ideas”

Light Stalking has a wide variety of good ideas for photo themes and I found the article below to be very good with about 10 uses of shadows and even begins with a clear difference between shadows and silhouette.  Check this out:

“How to get Amazing Images from Shadows (15 Awesome Examples)”