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There are many interesting ways to photograph water, especially running water.  And with spring in the mountains arriving in March or April there are many interesting photos that can be taken of running water.  Smooth clear lakes in the summer invite reflections of the mountains but what are the best approaches to take photos of Running Water?  The articles Michael sent give us lots of options.

Do you want the water to be a reflection of the main focus of the photo?  Or do you want the water itself to be the main focus?   Does the running water need to be sharp or do you want that soft blur?  These articles will not tell you where to go in Grand Teton National Park to find running water but they will give you some important options.

“5 Tips for Photographing Moving Water” in “Picture Correct” outlines where to go in location to get great shots, which format (portrait or landscape) to use, and  how to control the blur with shutter speed and other photo tools.  A short to-the-point article to get you started.

“How to Effortlessly Photography Flowing Water”  in “Visual Wilderness” emphasizes the right photo tools to get that perfect flowing water shot.  Kate Silvia explains how to use camera, tripod, and remote release to control the shutter speed to arrive at that smooth water in your photos.  

“How to Photograph Water to get that Soft Misty Effect” in “Tree Hugger” Jaymi Heimbuch describes a variety of blurs and how to get them.   The article also address gear, composition, neutral density filters, and how to use manual mode to adjust shutter speed and aperture.  It has good ideas with a “keep practicing” motto.

“Five Tips for Photographing Water” in “Digital Photography School DPS” has an assortment of ideas for photographing water but they aren’t just for waterfalls or streams.  Getting your feet wet is a good addition

“How to Photograph Water: 20 Top Tips” in “Amateur Photography” has 20 great suggestions with a variety of really nice photos that begin with running water and then include other water images.

These last two articles are about photo gear: a new approach to ND filters and how to use your iPhone to take long exposures. 

“Variable ND Filters for Camera Lenses: How do they Work?”

“How to Convert Your iPhone Live Photos into Long Exposure Photos?”