Negative Space Theme

Negative Space Theme

As the members of the Peer Mentor Program improve their photo-eye it can be educational to have some monthly peer mentor themes that specifically emphasize composition.  Taking these photos and “voting” on these compositional themes should begin with thoughtful consideration of the chosen theme. 

Negative Space is referring to the “empty” space around the main subject in the photograph which sets-off the main subject.  The empty/negative space does not have to be exactly “empty” but it does not draw the eye of the viewer.  The negative space takes up more space than the main subject and draws the viewers attention and keeps the viewer attending to the subject.

Negative space is the area around the main subject in your photo (the main subject is known as the “positive space“).  Photos that are built on Negative Space emphasizes the main subject by drawing your eye to the main subject without any leading lines etc.  Here are examples of an article about Negative Space:

“Understanding and Using Negative Space in Photography” on the website negative space.

“How to Use Negative Space in Photography for More Powerful Images” on the website

“How to Correctly Use Negative Space in Photography”

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