Fall Landscape


There is typically only one month for peer mentors to get out and take incredible photos of our beautiful fall landscape which usually occurs in late September and October.  The articles below may give you some new ideas about photos in the fall.  And if you need a little help to “locate” where to go outside of Grand Teton and Yellowstone try check out this map.

“Five Tips for Fabulous Fall Photos” by Ian Plant in PhotoMasters.  This article is also a video by an energized professional photographer who shares quite a few fall photos in the video.  The five tips are: Chase Peak Fall Colors; Shoot Angled Light; Look for Color Contrast; Reflections; and Leaf Placement.  This is a great article/video to get you started.

“Fall Photography Fundamentals” by “Kevin McNeal for Outdoor Photographer. A combination of technique, timing, gear and philosophy, in that the photographer should spend some time looking at existing Autumn images to help identify what is personally evocative as a way to think about framing up scenes.

“A Detailed Guide to Photographing Fall Foliage” by Christopher O’Donnell, for The Photo Argus, provides good tips for different light, atmospheric situations and what may be thought of as ‘scene scope’ as well as providing some image ideas for after peak Fall colors have faded.

“Fall Foliage Photo Tips” by Russ Burden in Outdoor Photography September 2022.  The number of articles available in September and October is huge with lots of great photographs.  This article explores a slightly different approach than simply big-wide landscapes from miles away.  Here are some of his suggestions with photos:  a variety of subject matter; wildlife; control the depth of field and use a colorful background or foreground to set-up non-foliage; find a new trail into the woods; and look for details not just grand landscapes.

“Fall Photography Basics” in Backcountry Gallery by Steve Perry.  Steve Perry is known for his information about cameras, especially wildlife photography. But this article focuses in on 10 suggestions for taking photos in the fall.  Each suggestion includes a really good fall photo and a number of his suggestions are quite different from other articles.  It’s worth taking a look.

A just-for-fun video from Nick Page as it was taken on a trip to the Tetons. His actual photographing and processing tips start at 4:18. Good ideas for scenes that are not grand landscapes in scope and possibly for scenes past peak colors around here, which will probably be fairly soon.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0X-MRQbKjRg