Black & White Theme

Black & White Theme

B&W is always an interesting and challenging topic for our monthly Theme Challenge with plenty of new opportunities to learn another approach to photography.  There is much to learn about B&W other than simply taking a photo in black & white or using LR to make a color photo into a B&W image.  What makes a view of the world look better in B&W than in color?  How can you “edit” and image so that it stands-out in B&W more than in color?  These articles can give you a boost to create black and white images that standout.

PhotoLife is always a good place to start and their article “Complete Guide to Black and White Photography” has lots of good ideas.

And if you’d like to see some great B&W examples of our backyard you might want to check out our friend Mike Jackson’s Best of the Tetons.

How to See in Black and White is basic article that focuses on tonal contrast, simplicity and Negative Space  Good article to help you think differently.

B&W Photography Tips: 5 Cornerstones  – This is a fairly detailed advanced in-depth article but if you want to learn some clear techniques this is a place to go to learn Contrast, Tone, Shadows, Shapes, and Texture.  If you have the time, this is an article to learn advanced B&W skills.

6 B&W Photography Tips – This article is a somewhat simplified version of the 5 Cornerstone article with Shoot Raw, Look for Contrast Shape and Texture, Long Exposure and Filters.

And I thought this online article might give you a boost about winter photography and B&W.  This Photo Argus article on 60 Beautiful Winter Photos could be seen as inspiring.