PMP – Monthly Theme Topic Selection

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Each of the Peer Mentor Groups (the 2nd Wednesday Group and the 4th Wednesday Group will re-start after the Covid-19) has a theme for the month.  Each member sends Randy Isaacson their image for the theme – occasionally a member does not send an image but they can still attend the monthly meeting.  At the monthly meeting  the group will vote on which of the images they believe is the best example of the theme.  The goals of the Monthly Themes are to give peer mentors feedback on their photos, exposure to a wide variety of examples of themes, and with the new Photography Composition Themes an opportunity to explore a wide variety of ways to improve their composition.

The 3-5 images voted as the best are posted on the Teton Photography Club Facebook page and also in the Peer Mentor Gallery.  The theme for the following month is chosen by the person voted as the winner of the monthly theme competition, unless the photographer who submitted the winner is not present, in which case the 2nd place image photographer chooses the next monthly theme.  The monthly theme is chosen from the list below (other themes are always welcomed to the list) and Randy posts articles that may be helpful in exploring the theme in the PMP – Monthly Theme Articles page.

The information described in the articles for the Monthly Photography Composition Themes should be the foundation of the PMP photos that are submitted for the Monthly Challenge.  Each of these theme article pages begins with a paragraph to describe the basic elements that should be included in the submitted photos.  The articles describe a variety of helpful approaches to the composition theme.

The General Photography Themes do not necessarily have  a specific focus for the composition.  The articles included on the pages for these themes may describe approaches, equipment, and sometimes composition but are more “open” to a variety of entries to the monthly theme.

Each of the themes listed below that are underlined (both Composition Themes and Photography Themes) will take you to the Articles Page.

Monthly Photography Composition Theme

  1. Natural Frames
  2. Negative Space
  3. Foreground Interest
  4. Vanishing Point
  5. Symmetry
  6. Texture/Patterns
  7. Visual Balance
  8. Leading Lines/Diagonal Lines
  9. Minimalism
  10. Silhouette

Monthly General Photography Themes

  1. Abstract
  2. Architecture
  3. Black and White
  4. Flowers
  5. ICE
  6. Sports
  7. Lens Flare/Sunburst/Starburst
  8. Macro
  9. Motion
  10. Panoramas and Vertoramas Theme
  11. Reflections
  12. Shadows
  13. Telephoto Landscape
  14. Running Water
  15. Night Photography
  16. Food
  17. Portraits
  18. Clouds/Sky
  19. Weather
  20. Fog, Steam, Smoke
  21. Creative Blur

PMP Monthly Theme Gallery