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Peer Mentor Group – 2nd Wed Pre/Post Meeting Reports

Post-Meeting Information for February

The 2nd Wed PM Meeting was a very good meeting for a variety of reasons.  We had  11 photographers attending with a husband as a visitor (visitors are always welcome), 2 new members (actually only one brand-new member but the other new member brought his first images), and our friend Mike Jackson who gave us a nice lesson on using LR for B&W images at the end of the meeting.  We had 7 B&W Theme entries (the dreary January/February weather put the crunch on us) that led to good critiques of all 7 images.  Sue Lurie’s photo of the road to Kelly earned 3rd place which goes to show that going to the monthly photo shoot can really payoff.  Barney Koszalka’s photo of three Bison in the snow at Yellowstone earned 2nd place and a good discussion of monochrome as part of B&W photography.  And Randy won with an almost abstract view of his backyard; I’m not sure his was the best but my peer mentor buddies gave me some very nice feedback about what they liked about my photo.  You can see all three of these photos in the PM Theme Gallery.

At the start of the meeting the group decided that in the future they would like to spend about 10 minutes talking about a photo challenge.  Sue brought up the HDR challenge last month but we didn’t have a challenging topic this month so the group decided that we should pick monthly Photo Challenges at the end of the month, just like we choose a monthly theme.  So I will be sending all of you (2nd Wed and 4th Wed) an e-mail asking for 2-3 Photo Challenges that we can discuss at the start of the meeting each month.

And at the end of the meeting Mike Jackson helped us explore how to adjust the tones, textures, and contrasts of B&W photos.  I’m not sure I can say I enjoyed showing-off the problems I have with LR (Mike was pretty patient with me) but I can learn a bit more about LR next weekend at the TPCed LR class.

I chose Symmetry as our Theme for March but after looking up articles to put on the PMP Theme Articles page I have changed my mind to make the Theme a wee-bit easier in these winter months.  Please note that the new March Theme will be Foreground Interest.  After checking out potential articles for symmetry, I think that topic is a bit easier in the summer.

Pre-Meeting Information for February

This winter has not been  particularly encouraging to most of us photographers with oh-so-many glooming days.  But now that we are in the last week before our 2nd Wed Group Critique the sun is shining and the temp is pretty chilly and there are plenty of opportunities for some good images.  And our January/February Theme is B&W so there are some nice opportunities out there for the taking.  If you haven’t taken a look at our Peer Mentor Program Articles, please get into the habit of looking at the articles to help you get some great images.  This month Barney and I have identifies 6 articles about B&W or B&W images.  We will start the meeting on Wednesday with a discussion ab out what we have learned about shooting B&W photos so reading at least one of the articles will help you contribute to the discussion.  Please send Randy your images by Tuesday February 11th.

Pre-Meeting Information for January

I hope you have had a great December and that Santa was good for you and your family and that you had plenty to eat over the holidays.  AND if you were good girls and boys you would have taken some great photos of what you were eating  since our January Theme is FOOD,  If you have any good articles that I can put in the Peer Mentor Program Articles (see below) please send them to me and I will be glad to do my best to load-them-up on our PMP webpage.  Please be patient with me 🙂 I am just learning from Loren how to do the fancy stuff on our website.

Peer Mentor Program Articles

Peer Mentor Program Gallery

The Peer Mentor Program is open to TPC registered Full Members at no cost. Entry into the program requires a commitment to advancing your personal photography skills and permission of the Program Director.