Featured Images

The Teton Photography Club is proud to recognize Mike Adler as our first Featured Photographer.  Mike presented our March 2018 public presentation on the challenges of low-light photography.

Mike graduated from MIT in 1971 as a PhD in the area of solid state physics and worked at General Electric from 1971 until his retirement in 2000. He is widely published in the area of semiconductor physics with over 100 papers and based on this is a fellow of the IEEE(Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). The IEEE is the largest technical society in the world with over 400,000 members in 160 countries. Mike has been active in the IEEE for 30 years and was the IEEE President in 2003.

Mike has been pursuing his hobbies of astronomy and photography as well as traveling with his wife Virginia on two “trips of a lifetime” each year. On the astronomy front in 2014 he has built an observatory at his Wyoming home that houses  new 20” and 12.5” telescopes along with his 6” refractor. In 2012 he had a  two month exhibit of his astrophotography as the inaugural exhibit in the new exhibit hall in the Teton County library in Jackson WY. In February and March 2017 he has another exhibit of 30 new images at the Teton County library .

Mike has been giving talks on a number of topics in astronomy, geology, and travel to groups in NY and the Astronomy, Geology, and Photography clubs in Jackson as well as the Arm Chair Adventure series in Jackson.