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The Teton Photography Club is proud to showcase the work of our members who have submitted images and how you can find more more information about their work.

Michael Adler

Mike graduated from MIT in 1971 as a PhD in the area of solid state physics and worked at General Electric from 1971 until his retirement in 2000. He is widely published in the area of semiconductor physics with over 100 papers. Mike has been active in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers for 30 years and was the organization’s President in 2003.

Mike has been pursuing his hobbies of astronomy and photography as well as traveling with his wife Virginia on two “trips of a lifetime” each year. On the astronomy front in 2014 he has built an observatory at his Wyoming home that houses  new 20” and 12.5” telescopes along with his 6” refractor. In 2012 he had a  two month exhibit of his astrophotography as the inaugural exhibit in the new exhibit hall in the Teton County library in Jackson WY. In  March 2017 he had another exhibit of 30 new images at the Teton County library .  He has given talks on a number of topics in astronomy, geology, and travel to groups in NY and the Astronomy, Geology, and Photography clubs in Jackson as well as the Arm Chair Adventure series in Jackson.

David Brookover

Capturing the pure essence, beauty, and form of imagery through his lens and then hand-crafting that image into an exceptional print is the core of David Brookover’s art. His authentic, traditional processes for reproducing the original photograph include Platinum Palladium, Silver Gelatin, Photogravure, and Bromoil. In addition to Brookover’s focus on traditional techniques, the intuitive artistic detail in his wildlife, landscape, abstract, and western photographs make up the core philosophy of The Brookover Gallery in Jackson, WY.

Michael Cohen

I picked up my first camera when I was a kid.  When I was in high school you never saw my face because there was always a camera up to my eye. I shot high school basketball games and pictures of logs and stuff like that.  After high school I put the camera down for over 25 years.  On a trip to the Galapagos in I was introduced to digital photography and in 2004 I bought a Nikon D70.  Digital photography was still quite new, and not very good.  Other the years I’ve shot more and more, and digital photography has gotten better and better.

Now I spend a lot of time traveling and making pictures.  I shuttle between Boston, Jackson Hole, WY and the New England coastline, and wherever the next airplane takes me.

I love making photographs and hope you enjoy looking at them.  Thanks for visiting.

Moose Henderson

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Moose is a man wearing many hats. He operated a traditional photographic studio for a year doing portraits, weddings, pets and commercial/industrial photography. Photographing people was not a passion so he decided to extend his knowledge base. After completing his undergraduate degree in geology, he spent the first 27 years of his career as a self-employed microscopist and environmental consultant in Florida. He followed this with a 10-year stint as a professional wildlife photographer including two years photographing mammals and birds in Siberia. During his work in Siberia, he decided that he wanted to do more for animal conservation so he returned to school completing a masters in wildlife biology and he studied moose winter diet preferences during his PhD. He uses his knowledge of animals and animal behavior to capture the true essence of the animal.

Beth Holmes

I was born and raised in the Central Valley of California. I love to travel and visited Jackson, WY on a road trip. It took about a year before I moved there for a job. Jackson’s been my home for about five years and I feel so lucky to be able to practice and refine my photography in the shadows of the Tetons. In my spare time, you can find me traveling around the area exploring with a camera around my neck.

Tom Horton

Tom Horton’s inclination to see the world in frames and his ability to compose lines and forms became apparent at university while he earned his Journalism degree. He supported a portion of his studies with his 35mm and 4×5 photo and darkroom work, but his momentum was cut short when his hands suddenly developed a severe allergic reaction to darkroom chemicals

Fast forward to the infancy of digital photography, and Tom reconnected with the viewfinder in a teaching career that focused on science, journalism, photography and publications.  Never intending to become a nature and art photography professional, Tom was encouraged and motivated by people who insisted on purchasing his work. As a result, he founded Further To Fly Photography in Dubai, UAE in 2009 to explore his works’ commercial potential.

Tom Horton’s restless spirit has greatly benefited his photo portfolio. He was born and raised in nameless hamlets in Nevada and educated in Salt Lake City. His teaching career took him overseas for 12 years, residing in intriguing countries such as Syria, the United Arab Emirates, China and Russia. He relocated Further To Fly Photography to Park City, Utah in 2015.

Tom’s portfolio combines the grandeur of western U.S. locales with a striking international component. Regardless of longitude and latitude, he seeks drama in the forms, lines and colors of natural subjects. People are not prominent in his work, which Tom confirms is “not a coincidence.”

Randy Isaacson

After enjoying 40 years of teaching motivation, learning, and interpersonal communications at Indiana University, I was looking for “work” in retirement. Joining the TPG to update my photography skills helped lift my spirits. And working with other amateur photographers through the Peer Mentor Program has really motivated me to help others as I improve my own photography. The Peer Mentor Program is a group of about a dozen advancing amateur photographers who meet together for a photo shoot and a critique every month. We work together to learn the technical and artistic aspects of photography, and we enjoy each other’s company. Read more about the TPG’s Peer Mentor Program on this site, read my blog at, and contact me at

Tim Labassi

I started my photographic journey very early in life shooting black and white with my brother. When we moved to Connecticut our basement had the perfect room for a dark room, and we soon after invested in the basics to work with black and white film. When we left that house my photography slowed to making images while traveling. Moving to Jackson in the early 80’s reignited my interest and the camera got to come along on most hikes as well as the occasional bike ride or ski day. I switched to digital in 2003 and continued to shoot around Jackson as time permitted and wherever my travels took me. I now have more time to devote to photography and am trying to not only get out more but also to shoot with a purpose, I’m definitely still learning and hopefully also improving.

Ed Lavino

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Ed Lavino received a BA in photography and art history from the State University of New York at New Paltz. He has lived and worked in Wyoming for the past 24 years. Lavino’s large format, black & white photographs encompass landscape, the human figure in the landscape, and still life arrangements. His work continually evolves as he explores new ways to communicate his ideas and elicit a response from his viewers. He is known for gorgeous, textural compositions with intriguing, sometimes puzzling, juxtapositions. His imagery reflects a deep affinity for strong, independent people, and little-known niches of the rocky mountain west. Lavino’s work has been well received at the Art Association, the Lander Art Center, and the former Black Rock Gallery. A book of his work is in progress.

Aaron Linsdau

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Located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Aaron Linsdau is a commercial and adventure photographer. He has a passion for getting the shot, even if he has to go to the middle of Antarctica. His focus is on controlled lighting photography, specializing in jewelry, art (sculpture, painting), and product photography. If you need your painting photographed with color correction and a color reference, contact Aaron. His architectural composite images will bring in customers. He can make high-resolution images that you can make reproductions from. Email Aaron if you want images that will have customers calling time and again. Aaron has many satisfied clients in and around Jackson.

David Navratil

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I was drawn to photography by the images in classic magazines such as National Geographic and Life. The stories those images conveyed were very informative and powerful.  After college, I took a continuing education course in basic photography and purchased a camera. Unfortunately, a few years into a career in the tech industry, I gave up photography due to time constraints. 25 years later I moved from Texas to Jackson Hole, and the photography bug bit again. I enjoy taking black and white and wildlife, especially birds.  In addition, I also enjoy finding the unusual or abstract texture and shapes in both natural and man-made objects.


Loren Nelson

In 2011 it all became a reality as Loren Nelson decided to travel and take photographs on a full-time basis. This “journey” began late 2010 and the travel started in March 2011. He spent nearly two years traveling among the national parks and public lands in the US and Canada to capture the beauty and harshness of nature to share these images with those who have similar interests. This was the the birth of Natural Photography. Loren has built a portfolio of more than 90,000 photographs and continues to capture digital images in Jackson and the great western states.

Paul Podell

My lifetime journey into the world of photography began more than 45 years ago when my father brought home an amazing mysterious device.  A Bessler Topcon Unirex camera with a 50 mm lens and what seemed like a gigantic (135 mm) telephoto lens.  Holding that camera in my hands, I was instantly smitten.

Many things have changed, and my interest has waxed and waned over the years (waxing now) but my love for our hobby has always persisted.  The digital age and my affinity for computers allowed me to transition from film and B&W printing to digital photography.  In the late 1990’s dedicated film scanners (by Polaroid!)  and prosumer photographic ink jet printers gave us the first entry into the fantastic new world of digital imaging.