Summer in Idaho

Idaho? I know, I know - I am from Iowa = corn and Idaho = potatoes. What does this have to do with photography?Last summer we needed an escape from the millions of visitors descending on our Wyoming national parks. It seemed that every place we considered was too hot, too crowded, or too far for mid-summer travel. Then, we looked next door to Idaho. It is only 8 miles over the pass on the other side of the Teton Range, but is there anything to do there? The answer we found was a resounding "Yes!"Idaho-02072Idaho-02072 Continue reading "Summer in Idaho"

Nostalgic Captures of the Northern Rockies!

…and Comments on Disappearing Americana

Cross country travelers merge onto an Interstate Highway, then speed along at 70-80 mph to get to their destination. That’s easy to understand knowing highways are usually more efficient—and for some, “time is money”. For others, slowing down or taking the side roads has intrinsic value—even if the benefits are less obvious. It is easy to observe how our modernized world is becoming more and more homogenized. One highway exit often resembles the last highway exit, often consisting of one or more chain gas stations, at least one convenience store, and several fast food restaurants.Businessmen and administrators at forward thinking towns tear down the old to make way for the new, but in doing so, strip some of the local character and ambiance away. They do it in the name of progress. At 65, I admit I am a bit nostalgic about where we came from and how we got here, and I am not as much enthused as I should be about where things seem to be headed. Still, I realize the benefits of change. I wrote this post on a state-of-the-art computer and posted it to the Internet over a high speed Wi-Fi connection. The pages and photos will be sent from servers to satellites circling the globe and beamed to readers using a variety of high tech devices. It is easy to be conflicted!The SpudContinue reading "Nostalgic Captures of the Northern Rockies!"

A Blast of Color

An Eclectic Gallery of Colorful Photos from Jackson Hole and Nearby Region

Unless you are up very early for sunrise, much of the “color” in the winter spans a limited portion of the color spectrum. Other than a little blue in the morning snow and a little color in the sky, much of the landscape is generally brown, gray, black and white. Same for the wildlife! Photos on this page were selected from my archives because they have color punch! I opted to limit the text so the images could speak for themselves. Enjoy!Gros Ventre SunriseContinue reading "A Blast of Color"