February 2021 Daily Journal For GTNP & JH


Early February Notes

I think of February as a “treasure hunt”! The little gems are there, but sometimes not as obvious as in some of the other months. Bull Moose have lost their antlers. Bears are hibernating. Elk are usually well off the main roads. It can be a good month for Foxes, Bighorns, and Bison, but they are not always dependable subjects. Instead, I think of February as a good month for winter landscapes. Then throw in the “surprises” that make each year different. Many of the local photographers I know treat an Ermine or wintering Badger as a prized subject, even if they are much smaller than the larger apex predators or large game animals. February is also a good “activities” month. For example, the Pedigree Stage Stop sled dog races are ongoing. There are cross country skiers and snow shoe hikers, along with winter fishermen. Carcasses attract hungry scavengers including Wolves, Coyotes, Foxes, Eagles, Magpies and Ravens. On any particular day, you might hit the jackpot!

January 2021 Daily Journal For GTNP & JH

Remember, this is just the FIRST entry in the February 2021 Daily Journal for GTNP & JH. I’ll continue to add photos throughout all of February, so check back often. Also, much of February will resemble the last couple of weeks of January. Click the link above to visit the January page.

February 1, 2021 – Monday

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Northern Color
Northern Color: Get up early to catch the best light! I was driving north and spotted the pinks and purples way up north. I took this shot from the Dornan’s parking area. Nikon D6 and Sigma Sport 60-600mm lens, Handheld.
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2021 Learning from/with the Peer Mentors

Sorry for the long FirstAnAmateur delay.  I don’t have an excuse, but I do have a New Year’s Resolution with some help from my peer mentor colleagues.  If you have followed my blog from the start you know that I began a Peer Mentor Program (PMP) in March 2016.  I have referred to the PMP many times, but my 2021 resolution is to bring the PMP and the peer mentors into the blog.  The peer mentors have had a big impact on my photography and also helped me explore how a group of amateur photographers can work together to improve their photography … and enjoy it along the way.Continue reading "2021 Learning from/with the Peer Mentors"

A test for the Teton Photography Club

The Teton Photography Club of Jackson, Wyoming had completed a major technical revision of the website to better serve our members. One of the upgrades is to provide syndication of TPC member blogs to the TPC site. All members are invited to submit their blogs for this syndication. To add your photography blog, send me a note to PastPres@TetonPhotographyClub.org.The new website also allow you to be notified by email about new events and new blog posts. We are testing this system in the coming week. The email notification you receive will give you a direct link to the new website content and the ability to add events directly to your personal electronic calendar. You have the option to unsubscribe from these notifications at any time.We hope you will enjoy these new member services.TetonPhotographyClub.org

Pandemic: How photographers can stay safe

We have all be struggling to stay safe and healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic. This post is intended to help fellow nature photographers from my perspective as a retired physician with almost 30 years of ICU experience.GTNP-9714GTNP-9714 In June of 2020 Grand Teton National Park opened following the Covid-19 pandemic closures for the 3 previous months. We were there on opening day and were greeted by 10 grizzly and 5 black bears. We were ecstatic and photo opportunities were everywhere. Two days later, when the news was out, tourists flocked to the park and the scene was dramatically different. Continue reading "Pandemic: How photographers can stay safe"