Best bulk AA AAA Ni-MH Battery Charger – Review Powerex Maha MH-C801D

Powerex Maha MH-C801D Review

Aaron uses AA and AAA batteries a lot for his wireless microphones, camera flashes, flashlights, and field charging his equipment. Aaron tried several chargers before he found one that works quite well – the Powerex Maha MH-C801D charger. It charges 8 individual batteries. No pairs needed. It has several other modes like refresh and soft charge. When you need to charge lots of AA and AAA batteries, this might be a winner for you.

Link to the Powerex Maha MH-C801D on Amazon:
Link to the AA Eneloop batteries on Amazon:
Link to the Sennheiser Wireless Mic kit on Amazon:

Link to the Powerex MH-C801D manual:

APC External Battery Pack BR24BPG (for UPS Model BR1500G) Unboxing and Review

APC External Battery Pack BR24BPG Review

The BR24BPG battery pack extended the runtime of my computer, cable modem, router, etc. from 60 minutes to 265 minutes. It’s totally worth the cost.
The BR1500 model of the APC battery backup units is the best. BX and BM don’t have the extender. They’re good but they don’t accept the extension pack like the BR1500G does. Get the BR unit from APC directly. The replacement batteries aren’t too expensive for what they give you, too.
This video also shows you how to open the BR24BPG case so you can replace its batteries.

Get the APC BR24BPG battery backup at Amazon here:
Get replacement batteries for the BP24BPG at Amazon here:

Get the APC BR1500G APC UPS at APC’s website here:
Get replacement batteries for the BR24BPG, BX1500M, BR1500G, etc at Amazon:

APC UPS BE650G1 computer battery backup unboxing and review

APC UPS BE650G1 Review

This is an unboxing and live use of the APC UPS BE650G1 battery backup for computers, PCs, iMacs, Macs, and just about any other electronics that you want to be protected. A battery backup will keep your computer or electronics going even when the power goes out so you can shut them down safely. Aaron talks about the bonus feature of a replaceable battery and does a LIVE test of unplugging the wall power to show that the unit does in fact work.

Get this APC UPS on Amazon here:
Get the replacement battery for the BE650G1 on Amazon here:

Sony RX100 VA Review and unboxing – Best pocket camera

Sony RX100 VA Review

The Sony RX100 VA is one of the best portable pocket cameras on the market. It’s great for Vlogging and adventure filming, too. Aaron took it on his expedition to Antarctica and filmed his entire documentary for 3 months with this camera. The camera shoots in 1080p and does amazingly well for a small camera. The flip screen is a nice addition. Aaron has filmed several shows with it and used the camera on multiple continents and countries with this camera. People rave about it. Aaron does an unboxing and talks about the overview of the camera in this video and why he chose it over the RX100 VI for his purposes.

Aaron also talks about his tricks of how he uses 2-device recording to get GREAT AUDIO while using the RX100.

Links to Amazon for the following:
Sony RX100 VA ultimate bundle:
Sony RX100 VI ultimate bundle:

Sony NP-BX1 spare Battery for RX100 all:
Sony BCTRX external battery charger for NP-BX1 batteries:
Sony ACCTRDCX mini-battery charger:

Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB:
Screen protector for back OLED display:

2nd audio setup for lavalier
Sony ICDUX560BLK recorder here:
Case for the recorder on
Polson OLM-10 microphone at
Auray Fuzzy Windbuster for Lavalier Microphones at

Antarctic Tears documentary filmed on Sony RX100: