Three New Featured Subject Pages Added!

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock!!!!!!

Time is running out at Best of the Tetons!

After my last post, roughly 100 readers at Best of the Tetons clicked the button to subscribe to my new site. Thanks! But, there are at least a thousand more! At some point around June 30, 2023, I will be deleting the entire Best of the Tetons website. As I write this note, there’s only a few days left! Subscribe to Mike Jackson Photography To subscribe to my new site, simply click the button above, fill out the two fields and hit the submit button!

The site is going to disappear! That’s the bad news, but there’s good news!

Many of the popular pages at Best of the Tetons have been added into a new Best of the Tetons section on my new site. (There’s a link at the bottom of this page.) It is basically a streamlined version of the old site. There’s also a new section for Best of the Rockies! Mike Jackson Photography Click Here or click the thumbnail above to directly to the new site. Expect a wider range of subject matter there!

Three NEW Featured Subjects!

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Front Range Critters

Important News!

It has been almost a year since Darla & I sold our home in Jackson Hole and moved to Loveland, CO. Most readers should already know I have been working on two related sites and have been more or less neglecting this site.

On or around June 30, 2023, I plan on deleting ALL OF MY POSTS & PAGES at the old Best of the Tetons site.

This will save around $200 per month and allow a bit more time to work on the new sites. Paul Gore helped pay the expenses for this site from July to December last year, but I have been paying for it for the past six months. Without the income from my tour business, I am finding the expense to be a drain on our budget.

Archived Feature Posts

For the next couple of weeks, you should be able to view and print many of the pages from the old site. Click the link above and take advantage of the pages while they still exist!

This will likely be the last email / post you receive from me at this site,

so please take a minute and sign up to follow my new site. Click the button below! Subscribe
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Elk in Velvet, Great Blue Herons, and More!

I’ve been busy here in Loveland. This page shows three of the recent pages I created at Mike Jackson Photography. Hopefully, you will enjoy all of them!
Things are heating up in Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park. Grizzly 399 showed up recently with a large new cub of the year. I hear there were numerous bear sightings this year. Bear jams have been huge. Some people managed to get wonderful photos, however, I hear getting shots takes a lot of luck and persistence. Elk in GTNP should be moving across the sage flats, but most of the largest bulls usually leave early and are out of sight. The Moose-Wilson Road is mostly closed, but will be open over the Memorial Day Weekend. The Snake River Bridge near Wilson is under construction this year and is causing major traffic snarls and delays. Plan ahead!
I am posting this post on Best of the Tetons just before the Memorial Day Weekend. If you are in town, check out the Saturday morning parade as part of Old West Days. Also look for events and times on the JH Chamber of Commerce web site.
Elk in Velvet

New: Elk in Velvet: Click Here!

This page contains bull elk I photographed in Rocky Mountain National Park. A few of them have large antler growth already!
Bull Elk

New: Elk in Velvet: Click Here!

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“More Interesting Stuff”

About 10 years ago, I took a wonderful photography workshop and one of the instructors was the former photo editor of National Geographic. One afternoon I cornered him and asked what the secret was to making great photographs. Without missing a beat as if he’d answered the question like a million times, he said, “get in front of more interesting stuff.”

Last week I was lucky to end up in a place that I have wanted to go for many years. It’s an area of the south of France called the Camargue. It’s just to the southwest of Provence, right on the Mediterranean Sea. And what is there is something that I have wanted to photograph for a very long time: white horses that run wild. While my wife was busy looking at white dresses for our daughter’s upcoming marriage, I was out in the Camargue looking for white horses.

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