Leadership Roles

TPC Leadership

While all members of the TPC have worked hard to help with presentations, critiques, and other programs, members of the original Steering Committee that has transformed int our current Executive Committee have contributed many hours of personal time to help the organization accomplish its mission. Those highlighted in bold served for two or more years and/or went above and beyond the call of duty to transform the Club into what it is today.

Steering Committee / Executive Committee Members

Original Steering Committee May 1, 2013

Loren Nelson, Chair

Mike Cavaroc (webmaster)

Thomas Macker (AAJH)

Chuck Schneebeck

Michael Cohen

Tenley Thompson

Fereshte Faustini

Mac McMillen

Steering / Executive Committee members serving after 2013

Nick Wheeler

Barbara Haydon

Aaron Linsdau

Mike Adler

Nancy Takeda

Ed Lavino

Laura McWethy

Randy Isaacson

Jason Williams

David Brookover

Lisa Ridgway

Patty Wagner

Paul Podell

Beth Holmes

Moose Henderson

Rachael Dunlop

Tim Labasi

David Navratil (President October 2019)

Christine Paige